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7 Keys to Retiring Happy

What Participants Say
  • I wish I had this course 10 years ago! I will apply the concepts you suggested and know my retirement will be better off for it! Very well done! — Justin W.

  • As a "within 5 year retiree" many of us feel lost and abandoned in the mechanics of retirement and what to expect. This class is a good start to preparing. Thanks, great job Craig. — Ahmad T.

  • Thank you for that wonderful class. I learned so much and had a great time. If only every day could be that way. You are a great teacher. Everyone is still talking about it. — Dot B.

  • This workshop and the materials are EXCELLENT! Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions – your knowledge and insight are very apparent and much appreciated! — Bob R.

  • Good material and concept to prepare for the future – thought provoking. Things I should have thought about 8 years ago, but definitely will now! Great class! — Jose M.

  • Overall, an extremely good course. Very informative. I have some work to do now! — Susan C.