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Conducting Effective Interviews

What Participants Say
  • Being tasked with selecting the right candidate can be an overwhelming responsibility. Thank you for helping me understand the process better. I feel more confident in making the best decision for my department. Great course! — Samantha T.

  • Very informative! I now know all the different types of interviews we can use to select the “right” candidate. The day passed quickly and I will need to review the material, but you did a fantastic job of delivering it. — Roman U.

  • I can’t tell you how much I appreciate learning how to conduct an interview properly. Seems that most people around here just "wing it" and I knew there had to be a better way. Thanks for showing me (us) that way! — Sophia G.

  • I will be doing lots of hiring in the next few months. This course was ESSENTIAL to me doing that well, and I am so appreciative to you for finding me a seat in an overbooked class. I love your teaching style. You are attentive to the needs of the class, and have a way of answering questions that encourages others to ask their questions (and you know I had lots!). Thanks! — Jonathan P.

  • GREAT CLASS! Wish I had taken this course years ago. It would have helped so much in hiring the best person for the job. — Mario F.

  • Craig helped me to learn better techniques to find a suitable candidate for the position and it’s been a great experience. I would highly recommend you attend this course & eventually it would help you to think outside the usual conventional way of the hiring process. — Muhammad F.

  • In my prior life I had some training on situational based interviewing 'only' which also included a chapter on EEO from a HR and compliance perspective. While this training certainly also covered them, there was a whole other side to interviewing skills that I didn't know were so important and could make such a large difference in giving you as an employer the best chance to make the right hiring decisions. From the different styles of interviewing, over the customization of and preparation for the interview, to the evaluation of the results. This training covered everything and gave me the chance to take an honest look at what I do today and realizing that most of it could actually be greatly improved and the material, verbal and written, that was provided by Craig, will support you in doing so. Craig has extensive experience of using what he teaches in a real life corporate environment and this can be felt throughout the class and makes you buy into it. The one thing that drove it home for me however, was the fact that Craig teaches a lot of classes on skills for the interviewee. Knowing what 'they' teach these folks is giving you an entirely other view to know what you have to look out for because let’s face it, at the end of the day, hiring the right people for the job is still one of the biggest challenges for a lot of managers. It certainly is for me. Getting Craig’s input that looks at both sides of the table is giving you as good of guidance as you can get. — Patrik G.