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Interview Skills

What Participants Say
  • Just wanted to say thank you. I didn't have much time to prepare for an interview. The time I did have, I worked diligently using the principles and guidance you taught in class. My job interview went extremely well and I was offered a position. Several members of my interview panel commented to me, after the interview, on how well I did. In fact, one of the members said that I had one of the best interviews she had ever seen. Thank you again. — Harry M.

  • Just wanted to send an update and a note of thanks. I was unsuccessful in three interviews last year before taking your class. Last week in my first interview since taking your course, I was chosen as the successful candidate. I hope I will have the opportunity to attend another DiVizzio International seminar in the future. — J.S.

  • Letter to employee's manager, forwarded to Craig.
    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Craig's Interviewing Skills class. He is an incredibly dynamic instructor that kept us engaged the entire time. He made the material realistic, relevant and understandable. He provided tons of opportunities to learn and apply and gave great feedback to each and every one of us. I think he is probably the best instructor I've had and definitely worth every penny and more. — Christie P.

  • I enjoyed your class very much. I went back and viewed the video, and gained an even greater understanding of any areas that I could improve upon. During the interview, I was more secure, more confident, and it was NOTED by the interviewers after the interview in the feedback section. All this combined to create an end result. I GOT THE JOB! Count me as one of your success stories. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! — Donna R.

  • For me – a price tag cannot be placed on the last two days. To say the least, it was incredible! This course has given me the knowledge and momentum I need to be proactive in preparation for not only interviews, but everyday greetings and presentations. I will be recommending Interviewing Skills throughout my organization and look forward to attending another one of your courses soon. — Jay L.

  • I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the outstanding class you taught this week. I have been to many classes over my 12 years with the company and this was no doubt the best I have attended. — Rhonda M.