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What Participants Say
  • Fantastic course and instructor was top notch. I learned valuable skills and gained insight into different situations and how to handle each one of them. Craig knows his stuff. — Giovanni W.

  • Taught me many great assertive techniques that I can use daily. I can put this into practice immediately. Very good training with an excellent, relatable instructor! — Susan H.

  • I believe that when we meet people and they give us a message, it was a message that we needed to hear. I am so thankful that I was able to attend your class to gain some direction and purpose in this never ending battle we call life! I will never be able to express in words how grateful I am to you for the skill that you have helped me receive. Thank you so much Craig! You are truly a blessing to me! — Melanie W.

  • Very practical course, like the role-plays and exercises. Challenges the way I’ve been thinking. Will HIGHLY recommend to others. Thanks! — Patrick J.

  • Great value for work and personal life. Great instructor!!! — Louise S.