Craig DiVizzio

Interview Answers That Impress

I’ve taught interviewing, from both sides of the table, for over 40 years. While the process has evolved, the need for writing and delivering answers that impress the interviewer remains as important as ever.

I’ve simplified the process to six essential steps.

In written form, the steps seem simple to follow, and they are. Unfortunately, from the thousands of interviews I’ve witnessed, “simple to follow” does not always translate into “followed,” and it’s easy to identify who prepared properly and who did not.

When you follow my process, it produces answers that impress any interviewer.

In addition to reviewing the steps below, I encourage you to watch the embedded video. In the video, the steps come alive as I guide you through an example of designing an answer to a question you will face in every interview.

  1. Brainstorm all the content to include in a given answer. List individual words, phrases, etc., in no particular order.
  1. Convert the words, phrases, thoughts, and ideas, into complete sentences.
  1. Sequence the sentences, so the answer flows and is easy to understand.
  1. Read, audio record, playback and edit the answer. Edits include:
    • Lengthening existing content
    • Shortening existing content
    • Deleting existing content
    • Adding new content
  1. Repeat steps 3 and four until you are satisfied with the answer
  1. Practice the answer sufficiently until you can deliver it, under pressure, close to perfect.

Don’t kid yourself; to a novice interviewer, a mediocre answer may suffice in getting you a second look. To an expert interviewer, only the best answers impress.

What you say in an interview will change your life forever, for better or worse. Change it for the better with impressive answers.

Prepare to interview for the best jobs in front of the best interviewers, and compete against the best candidates and do YOUR best. You owe it to yourself!

That’s my perspective; what’s yours? , and don’t miss the video on this topic on YouTube!

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