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Service Philosophy

To understand our services is to understand our value and the exponential return that otherwise goes to waste.

Times are More Challenging . . . Is Your Workforce Prepared?

I believe strengthening an entire workforce is best accomplished by strengthening individuals first, then teaming those individuals in ways that achieve company goals. That philosophy is based on the premise that success of the individual, the team and the company are inseparable. As such, we focus on these topics:

  • Hiring the right person for the job
  • Motivating individuals to give their best
  • Preparing individuals to succeed amidst a constantly changing work environment
  • Providing specific, timely, success-oriented feedback to all individuals, at all levels
  • Developing top performers through aggressive goal setting, honest appraisals and support
  • Expecting assertive behavior in everyone
  • Maximizing the external and internal talent pools via interviews
  • Insuring knowledge transfer occurs as your workforce changes
  • Preparing potential retirees for their next step.

Times indeed are more challenging, and my solution to prepare your workforce is my motivational speaking and eight on-the-shelf workshops. The common thread in all my work is an emphasis on self-discovery, growth identification, and movement toward behavioral mastery . . . all designed for personal and career success.

Motivational Speaking

Ever found an idea to be "conceptually simple, yet practically difficult?" Put another way – it is simple in principle, but difficult to put into practice. An example might be maintaining balance in your life. It makes perfect sense in theory, but accomplishing it is a lot easier said than done.

It is a gratifying experience to choose to accept that idea and then consciously integrate it into your everyday behavior. Eventually you accomplish what you once thought impossible and your life is better because of it.

My passion is helping people capture those possibilities for life and make them realities day to day.

Managing a balance in life and creating lasting happiness in our changing, hurried world may indeed be one of those practically difficult challenges. The techniques to effectively manage your life – treating oneself well, expecting the best, accepting goodness when it comes, not selling oneself short, accepting current reality and designing it "better," and insuring adequate quiet time to hear the answers to your questions about life can be practically difficult. However, integrating these concepts into your everyday life is possible - when you know how.

Being a student and teacher of human behavior for over 30 years has taught me that – for the most part – you create your life by the choices you make. Accepting that we cannot control all things in life, I believe we benefit by making wise, conscious choices – to control as much as we are able. Rather than feeling a victim to life, I choose to "design it" to reward my most heartfelt desires – and so can you!

Whether you currently love your life, are marginally happy with it, or are continually suffering through it, turning more of your possibilities into realities will be exciting and rewarding!