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Say Hello To Reaching Your 2018 Goals!

Happy New Year! It’s time for resolutions, new goals, and a fresh start. Let’s make 2018 the best year ever! Have you set your goals yet?

Successful people who regularly reach their goals understand goal achievement. To achieve your goals

  1. believe in yourself – Expect Success!
  2. choose meaningful goals that excite you
  3. set specific goals – SMART goals
  4. surround yourself with encouraging people who regularly reach their goals
  5. have a plan with a deadline
  6. be focused and selective with your time
  7. take action – avoid inactivity and procrastination
  8. prepare to manage setbacks
  9. leave no room for excuses
  10. be committed – Success Is Not Convenient!

I want to talk about the last one, being committed, because the messaging today suggests this item isn’t necessary. Today’s trend in advertising suggests that reaching your goals is easy to do, and that hard work is a thing of the past for foolish people. You can

  • get rock hard abs with a one-minute workout
  • lose 25 pounds a day by taking a supplement and eating as much as you want
  • get rich in 90 days by following a simple ‘get-rich’ scheme
  • get anything you want, just because you want it

If these are so easy, why do so many people fail? They fail because they buy into the hype of how easy it is to change your life.

It’s true that recent advancements in technology, nutrition and exercise physiology are making things easier. To take advantage of them is wise. However, the suggestion that it is easy to make a significant change is being over-sold, and unsuspecting people are set up for failure.

Changing your life requires hard work and discipline. Expect there will be times when

  • it won’t be easy
  • you will be inconvenienced
  • you’ll question whether it is worth it or if you’ll make it
  • the price of success will be higher than you anticipated

Prepare for a battle, but always Expect Success. The possibilities are endless when you commit yourself to the principles successful people follow.

Work hard; celebrate hard! Make this year your most successful year yet.

I look forward to hearing your success stories!

That’s my perspective; what’s yours? , and don’t miss the video on this topic on YouTube!

P.S. In Two Weeks: When Good Enough Is NOT Good Enough.

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