Craig DiVizzio

The Secret To Keeping Conversations On Track

What the heck happened? I don’t understand! You gotta be kidding me! I didn’t expect that to happen! That’s not the way that was supposed to turn out!

Have you ever felt that way after a conversation?

If you’ve ever gotten into a conversation expecting it to go well only to have it spin out of control and end badly, you will be interested in learning about the feedback loop.

Understanding and utilizing the feedback loop will help keep your conversations on track.

In the accompanying video, I explain this visual communication tool, and how doing the right things keeps a conversation on track, and doing the wrong things derails it. Keys points shown are

  • identify your purpose before beginning
  • action needs to match intention
  • understand how others affect you
  • act rather than react

We also need to address those conversations you expect to be difficult. Do you hesitate to have them or avoid them, even when it’s your responsibility to do so? Hotly contested conversations can pleasantly surprise you. Learn how

  • warm, comfortable conversations can result in not accomplishing your goal
  • challenging conversations can be very productive

One aspect of becoming an effective communicator is controlling your part of the conversation. It requires you follow key communication principles and avoid those tempting, reactive, self-defeating responses.

Learn these principles and watch your conversations improve to the point where you welcome all conversations, knowing you can hold your own, stay fixed on your purpose, and communicate effectively.

That’s my perspective; what’s yours? , and don’t miss the video on this topic on YouTube!

P.S. In Three Weeks: The Most Powerful Message I Ever Heard

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