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Assert Your Way to Success

Asserting Yourself After The Fact

Sep 1, 2020

Do you ever fail to assert yourself OR lash out at someone, and after the fact feel badly about it? There is a way to repair the damage, you know. In this video, I share what you can do to feel better about yourself.

Assertive Casualties

Sep 8, 2021

When you move from not being assertive to becoming so, many things will change in your life. In this video, I share how some of your relationships may change by becoming more assertive.

Daily We Teach Others How To Treat Us

Jul 27, 2021

Are you surrounded by controlling people? Were they always controlling, or did they gradually become so? In this video, I explore the process that turns respectful people into controlling ones, and how to reverse it.

Fighting The NEED To Be Right

Sep 15, 2020

Do you need to be right more than you want to be right? Do you need to win to feel good about yourself? In this video, I share some questions you can ask yourself to manage those actions and foster more satisfying relationships.

Have You Ever Said "No" To Your Manager?

Oct 13, 2020

Have you ever said “NO” to your manager? Have you been tempted to but feared doing so? In this video, I respond to a viewer’s question and share situations when I encourage you to say no.

How Non-Assertiveness Leads to Distrust

Oct 6, 2021

Is your lack of assertiveness causing people to question your motivations? Have they stopped trusting you and asking your opinion? You shouldn’t be surprised, and in this video, I explain how that happens and why it’s so important to stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

How "Should" and "Ought To" Cause Problems

August 25, 2020

If your attempts to be assertive have been unsuccessful, I have a tip for you. There are two keys to Assertiveness that are required for your assertive efforts to result in success. In this video, I share both of them.

Success is Seldom Convenient

August 17, 2021

Is your success imminent or elusive? Are you fighting the good fight and giving it all you’ve got? In this video, I share my thoughts on the nature of success.

The Value Of A Drop-off Message

Sep 22, 2020

Do you believe that people who treated you unfairly should apologize for having done so? What about those who will never tell you they’re wrong? How do we handle them? In this video, I share what to do to retain your sanity when dealing with them.

Why YOU Cause(s) Defensive Reactions

August 18, 2020

Do the people you’re talking to often get defensive? Want to know what it is and how you can change it? In this video, I shed light on a communication habit that will make people defensive, every time!

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